Picto-1Business relationships digitalization : By 2020, 70% of all automotive-related customer touchpoints will be digital (1).

Internet of Things : by 2020, 150 million passenger vehicles will be connected and 60% to 75% of them will create, share and consume web-based data(1). Around 47% of car owners say they already used connectivity features or would like to (2).

Picto-2Transparency & empowerment claims : eco-driving profiling show that soft & regular driving style can help cut 10 to 15% of fuel(3). Yet customers readiness to be profiled lies on their data control and analysis awareness, as illustrated by the « quantified self » movement.

Sharing mechanisms : between 2013 & 2020, shared vehicles will go from 70 000 vehicles & 3.5 million members to 450 000 vehicles & 26 million subscribers. Among them, 84 000 corporate carsharing vehicles will be use by over 1 million employees (4).

Mobility as Picto-3a service : 40% of consumers said they would consider alternative ownership models. Such interest in alternative mobility solutions is stronger in highly densely populated areas and emerging markets, and is mainly motivated by financial and flexibility reasons (5).

End-to-end mobility : the concept of a unique solution packaging all day-to-day services (insurance, car park, highways, vehicle documentation,…) is emerging as a need for clients.

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